Barnstable House 1988

Text Box: I wanted to try other destinations in Cape Cod so we spent a few weeks in the Summer of 1988 in and near Barnstable. Hyannis is on the South side of the Cape on Nantucket sound while Barnstable is on the North side on Cape Cod Bay. We had been looking for a calm bay beach for Adam, who was four, to play on. We ended up with two different rentals. One house was actually in Barnstable and was right on the water. It was only only available for one week so we rented the house in the drawing for the rest of the time. This house was actually in Cummaquid. 

The owners were almost finished renovating it. I think it had been a barn. It was an incredibly beautiful place in a beautiful setting but with no beach. The owners actually moved out for the Summer to a beach house a few miles away.

I remember thinking that this would be a great place to spend a family Christmas in and aimed this drawing to be our Holiday card for 1988. 

The house was actually framed by trees and was very open in the back. I thought it would be clever to use the trees to frame the drawing. I had tried this before and failed. I failed once again with this one. The original drawing is below. The biggest tree turned out really ugly and the “framing” looked really bad. I got so tired of drawing the ugly tree that I just stopped and put the drawing away. Now, once again, I’ve been able to remove the offending section and I like the drawing a lot, especially the brick walk.

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