Text Box: Anna Maria Island, Florida  2004

While Adam was still in High School we realized that if we took a vacation during his Spring break we might be able to get everyone together on vacation again. Amy was able to take some time during a few of these trips and Adam was able to at least meet us for a part of all of them. I found Anna Maria by looking through towns on the Gulf of Mexico. The first time we went I could not find an available rental so we stayed in a beachfront motel for the week. 

The cottage in this drawing just happened to be available for Adamís Spring Break in 2004. It turned out to be fabulous. Since we live in an apartment house itís always a treat to be on ground level but the upper deck looked so inviting in the pictures of this place that I was looking forward to it. Unfortunately the stairs to the deck were so rotted out that we decided to skip going up there.

I really love these places where you walk out the back door and thereís the beach. Iíve always found it difficult to start a drawing in Florida. Sometimes everything is just too new but most of the time itís just too hot. This place was so unique I had to draw it even though I decided to concentrate on the outside where the Caribbean flavor was harder to see.

Most of the wooden furniture and a lot of the floors were hand painted but Iíll let the photos speak for the inside which made us smile a lot.

Close Ups

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