This is a corner desk in my apartment. I think this was another case of doing the drawing at home and having too many distractions. I think I stopped this one because I hadnít made the side of the desk really vertical. Now I would keep going, at least for awhile

I know this was in England but I donít know exactly where. I think I just got fed up with drawing bricks. As usual I wish I had finished it but I would certainly make it simpler now.



I remember exactly why I stopped doing this one. The three items were what attracted me to the scene but it was late in the day and we were just passing through. I spent a lot of time on the boats and liked them but I really wanted to do the rest of the scene so I put the lighthouse and tower where they belonged and took a picture. I donít know where the picture is but I donít know if I would have drawn from the photograph anyway. Iíve had some success recently doing drawings from photos on a computer screen but I couldnít do that then.


If I remembered the town I might even go to their website to help fill in the blanks but I donít have any idea.

I had an exhibit at the South Street Seaport Store in July of 1979. The News at Noon did a story and I sat on a dock with a reporter for the interview. I wanted to be drawing something so I went down there a couple of days before and spent some hours on this. I put myself in a place that would make good tv pictures for the interview but I was way too close to the ship, The Peking, and messed up the lines.

More Unfinished Drawings

I had done a couple of montages in Paris of signs, menus painted on windows and little things that caught my eye. I ran out of steam when I got to the one on the left and just got tired of the concept. The boat at the top just got away from me. You can see where I made two drastic changes. If I like what Iím drawing I can usually figure a way out of mistakes like that. I draw in pen so everything stays in. The ďdonkey shedĒ just lost my interest but I really like the anchor and have no idea why I stopped.

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