This is one of a number of drawings I come across and wonder why I didnít finish. I know at the time it looked like it wasnít going anywhere and I just stopped but I always wish I had finished it. This one could be considered finished except for the missing rows of windows on the left. This was done in Paris in 1976.

Hereís a false start closer to home. This is the Soldiers and Sailors monument on Riverside Drive at 89th Street.


I know exactly why I didnít finish this drawing. I made the mistake of putting two large objects in thinking I would fill in the space between them. This drawing must have been done in the middle 70ís. I must have decided I would screw it up if I went on. If I were drawing this now I would fake the middle space with real things but not necessarily the exact right ones.


This is an old treadle sewing machine that reminded Gerry of the one her grandmother had. We found it at United House Wrecking in Stamford Connecticut. They used to sell Liberty Ship hatch covers from World War II and we bought one for a desk. We had the unusual good sense to buy the hatch cover finished. Some friends of ours bought the cheaper unfinished battleship grey version and botched up the finishing so much they had to turn it over and hide the brass handles that were used to lift the covers up. I think I didnít complete this drawing because I was daunted by the symmetry and the fact that I was sitting at home and it was easy to get sidetracked. I like this one unfinished.

I drew this in Pont Aven in Brittany. It was a long drive from the house we were renting but I loved this mill. Unfortunately I misjudged and ran out of paper before I could get the whole wheel in. I drew the rest on the next sheet but was never happy gluing them together. Iíve finally been able to stitch it together on the computer. I sat on a bench in a little park across from the mill drinking a glass of red wine and thinking how great it would be to live in the mill when an old woman dressed in black appeared at the upstairs window on the left and dumped a pan of something foul out the window.

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