2011 Christmas Card

Text Box: Every time I do a drawing I think about color. I usually take photos so that I can see what the colors were. I often plan on adding color later. I know that I donít want to color the original drawing because the odds are enormous that Iíll ruin it. Judging by the reviews I think that this yearsí holiday card has been my first real success with watercolor. Hereís how I went about it.

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And, of course, the postage.

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Text Box: The paper Iíve been using comes in 24 x 30 inch sheets which I have to cut by hand down to 12 x 15 inches to fit my printer. I then print both sides of each sheet with the drawing on one side and the message on the other. Since the paper is quite heavy each sheet has to be coaxed through the printer. I then have to cut each card out. This year I got four cards from each of these sheets of paper.  

So each printed card is really hand made.