The first thing we do when we get into one of these places is take the curtains down in the common rooms. It never makes any sense to come to a place with a view and then block it out. Since we live on the fourth floor, itís always a goal to be able to just walk straight outside.


Iím always apprehensive about screwing up the perspective since I donít use any tools. Itís important for me to just put the information on the paper without doing preliminary sketches. I might put a small dot where I think something should end but, even if I do, I usually donít follow the plan.


There is actually a non-working heater under the window but I decided to leave it out.


Since I was of two minds about the different styles in the picture-window drawing I did this entire one from inside. Once again it was uncomfortable being inside on a beautiful day. I think I actually like this one better than the picture-window.

We have stayed in this cottage and the one visible out the window so many times that I think I wouldnít be surprised to be in this one and see myself coming out of the other cottage.


When I think about Wellfleet one of the images that comes to mind is waking up with a cool breeze blowing in from the window at the foot of the bed, listening to the clanking of rigging from the boats tied up on Town Pier.

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