Cartoon From the Sixties

Text Box: For a few years in the 1960ís I thought I would be a cartoonist. I donít remember how but I ended signing up for cartoon idea submissions. There seemed to be endless envelopes containing ideas for cartoons or captions. It didnít take me long to come to the conclusion that cartooning was not my career path. I wound up with lots of submissions and no drawings. They would come as carbon copies on index cards. I felt guilty rejecting them so I accepted some submissions. This meant I was supposed to pay a commission to the writer. I actually never drew any of their cartoons. I remember being embarrassed to tell the two or three people that had sent me ideas that I just hadnít done anything with them so I ended up writing them and telling them that there had been a small disaster of some kind and their scraps of paper had been destroyed. It seemed to me, at about 17, to be better than telling them that their ideas just never struck me funny.

I think this drawing must have been one that I came up with myself but there is no sign of a caption. You are on your own. What I can say about this drawing is that it contains three versions of what I considered to be my cartoon character. It also looks like I had just found out about vanishing points. 

One of the things that I learned from this kind of drawing was that I much prefer drawing real things and not using any kind of straight edge.

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