Nantucket Cottage After and Before

Text Box: We stayed in a tiny cottage on Old North Wharf in Nantucket for two weeks in the summer of 1975. There was a grassy patch between our cottage and this row of cottages which looked to me a lot like the cookie-cutter cottages that we used to drive past on Route 6A between Truro and Provincetown on Cape Cod. I decided to draw this one because it had Gerry’s mother’s name. I never showed it to Lydia because I made a couple of big mistakes in it.

I had always thought that I was losing some dimension by leaving windows white rather than filling them in with black, as they really appear. I knew after the first pane that I had ruined the drawing by making the black windows the focus rather than the whole scene.  

I don’t remember what size the roof shingles really were but I started drawing them too small at the bottom right of the roof. 

I put the drawing away and felt bad about it every time I saw it. I thought about trying to fix it but, other than pasting white windows on I decided to just put it back in the closet.

Now, of course, the computer allows me to repair it with a pen and a tablet. I kind of like it now.

All material copyright 2009 Neil Borrell

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