Wellfleet Variations

Text Box: This monthís backstory continues the theme of altered drawings. The first is a drawing from a different angle of the subject of Chapter 43. I tried placing the boat in different locations. I think this one works the best.
Text Box: I try to include photos when they apply but since this is another backstory blend Iím continuing the theme of pictures from the past.

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Me with my sister Judy and my Mother in 1946. Looks like Mosholu Park in the Bronx.

Text Box: This boat has always been a favorite of mine. It was about a half a mile away from this site but I think it looks like it belongs here.

Adamís christening in 1983. I used to love that hat.

Amyís second birthday.

Amy in Marthaís Vineyard, 1975.

Amy and Adam Paris 1990.

Gerry England 1971.