Wellfleet Window Framed

Text Box: This monthís backstory continues the theme of altered drawings. Iíve always liked the idea of putting parts of drawings together to create a new work. I used to physically cut and paste pieces using a photocopy machine to enlarge and reduce the elements. I would then paste everything together using real paste. The final step was reXeroxing the pasted together work to make it one dimensional. One problem was always shadows thrown on the original as it was being copied if the pasted on layers werenít  stuck down enough. Itís much better with a computer.
Text Box: Iím continuing the theme of pictures from the past.

Stonehenge 1971

Paris, 1990

Amy in the Newsroom 1974

St. Jean de Luz 1975

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Channel 9 1970ís

Paris, 1972

Me about Hazelís age. Almost 3.

Great Pond, Wellfleet 2000