Sketch Book

Text Box: Iíve carried a sketchbook a lot but used it only a little. I guess what I usually describe as unfinished drawings qualify as sketches. After I came across the sketch in Chapter 33 I started a hunt for sketchbooks that actually have drawings in them. I found many that have nothing but my name on them but I did come across these two. 

These are from 1997. We had booked a week on Anna Maria Island, in Florida for Spring Break. Adam was a senior in high school and broke his leg in March. The doctor assured us that he would be in a smaller cast by the time of the trip and he would be fine to go. 

Adam couldnít get the cast wet of course, and he likes to fish so he and I set off every day to fish while Gerry and Amy went swimming in the Gulf. Iím not into fishing so I took along a sketchbook and did these two drawings while Adam fished.

You now know the reason I donít put people into my drawings much. Thatís Adam in the first drawing.

Close Ups

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