Holbrook Avenue, Wellfleet

Text Box: Gerry suggested I draw this scene a number of times. She loved the door and ramp on this building. It turns out to be a garage but itís a quaint one. This drawing has never been a big favorite of mine and I think Iíve finally figured out why. This scene is basically around the corner from the Main Street drawing in Chapter 32 but itís a world away. The partial building on the left side is at an angle because it fronts on Main Street. 

Thereís always life on Main Street but thereís none here. I guess what I want to see in this drawing is some sign of the life thatís around the corner. I think it was my job to add life to it but I couldnít figure out what. Maybe there should be a toy in the yard.

There are, however, some parts that I really like. Iím very happy with the stanchion and chain fence blocking off the driveway. I like the ramp and the garage door. The box above the door extends into the trees so I think the door really slides open in that direction. I think I didnít like the idea of a sliding door and added hinges and marked off the separate doors. Iíll check the next time I walk past. 

I like the door in the center of the house. Iím always pleased when I can get some depth into windows and doors. 

I guess I really do like this drawing.

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