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The idea for this deck of cards came from my friend Norman Kimball. I’ve always thought of Norman as my mentor. His thought was for me to fashion a deck out of drawings only from Cape Cod. I was going to name them “Cape Cards” but I decided that the scope should be increased to include other New England drawings. I came up with a new name, “Coast Cards” which I liked better.

I was able to use some entire drawings but most of them are portions of larger scenes cut to fit the available area. I think the aces may work the best but I’m happy with them all. There are two drawings that carry over onto two cards. The ace and two are from “Steamboat Wharf, Nantucket” and the six and seven are from “Menemsha Fishing Shacks, Martha’s Vineyard”.

This was a very labor intensive project. I was able to buy the rights to use a set of basic cards. I decided I did not want to draw those parts of the cards. Even then I had to set up the art so that it would line up when printed on both sides of the heaviest two sided printer paper I could find. The bold outlines around the card are actually just the template for hand cutting the printed cards so they would match each other. The actual cards have no black borders and are cut with rounded corners. I made a box for them which I was very proud of. 

It turned out that if we were to go beyond this mockup stage the printing costs would be quite high per deck unless we ordered a very large number of decks. 

I’ve always thought “Nothing’s for nothing” and I learned a lot just from making the decks. I think that the skills I gained from this project have been well used in other ways for other things.

One of the three or four original decks

Box ready for assembly.

Coast Cards

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