Duck Creek, Wellfleet, Cape Cod

Text Box: In addition to enjoying looking at this drawing I like finding other uses for parts of it. Iíve mentioned how I especially like small parts of them. In this drawing there are three or four.  Theyíre each in the close ups section of Chapter 28. 

Iíve also planned, over the years, to try adding color to some drawings. This is one instance where I actually did it. I usually scan a drawing, print it on watercolor paper, and then use liquid water color for the coloring. I used this method for the Hazel Tree which is represented in the Weddingís chapters. This is the only drawing that Iíve colored using the computer. I guess I donít really feel comfortable using the computer as a brush, maybe it seems too easy.  

Iím pleased with the results of coloring this drawing. The marshy grass and tide-coming-in water should really be much darker but I think they would just appear black.

I put together a deck of playing cards for my mentor, Norman Kimball.

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