Pointe de Trevignon, Brittany, 1976

 Close Ups

Text Box: We rented part of a cottage in Brittany near Pointe de Trevignon. As usual there was some disappointment with the rental. I thought the neighborhood seemed too new and like a suburb in America but we got used to it of course. 

It was June and the sun didn’t set until after 10PM. I loved it but we had a lot of trouble getting Amy to bed because “It isn’t sleepytime yet.” 

There wasn’t much of a town but we would walk over to the a little shop near the lifeboat station for ice cream almost every night. It’s always great having someplace to walk to. 

I did this drawing while Gerry and Amy were on the beach next door. They are always up for the water at almost any temperature but not me so this worked out well. 

I remember thinking that the rock in the foreground looked like a bear and deciding not to change it. I did the drawing sitting on a rock and my only non-family visitors were lizards. I would sometimes turn the pad to one of them so they could see the drawing better. I never got any comment.

There were parts of Germany’s “Atlantic Wall” left on the beaches and it really made an odd juxtaposition with the swimmers and the Pill Boxes. My Great Uncle Neil, whose namesake I am, was in Europe during the war and tells me that they would try to drop bombs next to the gun emplacements on the beaches in order to upend them and ruin their line of fire. The pill box in the picture had been split in two. I walked inside. The walls were so thick that it was absolutely silent which made it quite eerie.

As usual this little one is my favorite.

This is a lighthouse. I thought it was some kind of fortification.


I think that the water was actually too cold for Gerry and Amy.

This is the Pont Aven drawing.

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