Gull House - West Bay, Dorset, England

 Close Ups

Text Box: We would land at Heathrow in the morning, pick up a rental car, and head out to our first rental. I figured that the first day was always pretty much a washout anyway and hoped we would spend it adjusting to the time change. Amy was almost 3 and, of course, didn’t agree with my strategy. She slept in the back seat most of the ride from London to Dorset but would wake up every once in a while to ask, “Is we’re to the beach yet?”. 

This is Gull House and The Dinghy in West Bay, Dorset. West Bay is part of Bridport Harbor and the house was right on the beach. The beach was made up of fist sized rocks. It was too cold to swim in May anyway. We had the part on the left of the drawing which is Gull House. They were built in 1747.

Our bedroom window was the one on the top left. It doesn’t look like much but it had a window seat and overlooked a small channel into the harbor. The waves would be incredible in the channel and it was amazing watching the fishing boats ride them into the calm area. Amy loved sitting in this window and drinking warm milk.

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