Nantucket†† 1975†† Steamship Nobska

The Nobska made her last trip to the Islands in 1973 and spent time tied up here on Steamboat Wharf. The ďlast coastal steamer in AmericaĒ was scrapped in Charlestown in 2006. I wish they had just left her tied up at the dock.

Close Ups

Gerry and Amy at the door of the tiny cottage we were in. Amy slept in a travel crib downstairs and we slept upstairs in a tiny loft reached by a set of stairs lowered on a rope. My mother came up for a couple of days and offered to babysit one night so that we could go out. After we put Amy to bed we all sat on the small deck until she went to sleep. The tide was in so the deck was over water. When Amy was finally asleep we didnít want to make noise walking across the room to get to the front door so we climbed out the kitchen window.† The Nobska is at the right of this picture.

Text Box: This was our first time in Nantucket so, when I saw this Steamer out the window of our cottage, I assumed it was the ferry to Woods Hole or Hyannis. After a few days with no movement I realized it wasnít in service. When the actual Ferry would arrive it loomed over the background. Iím sure we would have loved our view anyway but it certainly was great to have this piece of history across the channel. 

Iíve always liked this drawing. Iím especially fond of the shipís lifeboat and the two boats anchored nearby. 

We rented bikes and we thought they would be great for getting to a beach which was about two miles outside of town. My bike had a child seat for Amy. This was the seventies so it was a platform with a back and a belt but that was about it. We biked out to the beach one day and had a great time, except for the seagull who ate the snack we had brought for Amy. 

We were about halfway back when Amy decided to take a nap. Even though this was Nantucket there was a bit of traffic on the road and no real shoulder so I didnít think it was a good idea to stop and walk the bikes and Amy back to town so Gerry tried riding alongside and calling Amy to try to keep her awake. That didnít work and, very soon I felt her head slumping onto my back. I somehow managed to ride the bike slowly and maneuver myself back and forth to keep her head nestled in the small of my back. After an eternity we reached Nantucket town and walked the bikes and Amy to our cottage and a proper nap. I donít think we used the bikes after that.

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