Sunset Captiva 1982

We rented this house in Captiva three or four times. I drew this in 1982, the first time we were there. The house was great and we always had a wonderful time there. It was right on the Gulf of Mexico with a pool on the other side. I realized when it was almost finished that it would always look like an advertising drawing to me so I never used it for anything. I like the drawing but it seems too much like itís been done with a straight edge. I always draw freehand so I guess itís a testament to how straight I can draw a line but the drawing lacks life to me.








This might be the day Gerry and Amy convinced a dolphin not to beach itself by waving and shouting at it.

We drove down to Sanibel one day and rode through the Ding Darling wildlife refuge to see alligators. We didnít have any luck but there was one bird that landed on the water as we were watching. It sat for a second and then disappeared under the water. None of us saw it come back up so I decided that was as close as I wanted us to be to an alligator doing his thing. I started up the car and drove back up to Captiva.

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