More Unfinished Drawings

I remember starting this drawing somewhere in England. We had stopped for a soda and I liked this aquarium. I know itís an aquarium because I drew it on the sign over the entrance. I should have realized right away that there was no way I had the time to finish it if I continued the brickwork that I had done just a tiny bit of at the lower left edge and gave up. I think I really stopped because the shed on the right just looked wrong.

There are five previous false starts in the sketchbook I found this in. This one was on the last page. I probably stopped because the wall isnít true vertically.

Unfortunately I drew this on a piece of paper that I had used to practice Amyís birth announcement on.† She was two months old when we took her to Maine. Our friends Bob and Jeanne DeChiara had loaned us their house in Ogunquit, Maine and we borrowed my fatherís car and learned we were able to travel as three. I wish I had done more of this kind of rough sketch. I really like it.

†Here we are traveling as three.

I donít remember where this was or what it is but I wish I had continued. Sometimes I start on something like this that needs intricate parts to be drawn behind other intricate parts and it just gets daunting and I decide to go to the beach with everyone else instead.

This is the window at the end of the living room in Dolwen the house we rented in Aberporth, Wales. The house is in Chapter 3. Iím glad I didnít do any more of this one. The little brick wall in front looks like itís a jello mold.

I think this is kind of nice but it looks like there wasnít going to be enough paper for the boat on the right.

I wish I had just finished the wall because I like the lamp. I was in the middle of doing my first big drawing when we were in St. Jean de Luz which might explain giving up on this one. In those days I would often start a little drawing in a restaurant and just stop when it was time to go.

This was in the first restaurant we ate at in Paris the first time Gerry and I went there. This drawing is from a later trip with Amy a little over a year old. The trip to Maine made us brave enough for the trip to Europe.

I think these both may be buildings in Looe, Cornwall. The one on the left would have been from our apartment which was kind of small and tacky. We didnít spend much time in it so Iím not surprised the drawing isnít finished. Iím just guessing about the one above and I canít figure out the big window.

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