More Marthaís Vineyard Drawings

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Text Box:  I donít know if I would ever really want to own a summer home. I think that, in truth, we have enjoyed  traveling around and exploring more. It has always been important to me to stay in a house in a place for at least a week so that I can get as close to feeling what itís like to live there as possible. I used to think that if we could have a summer place anywhere it would be in Menemsha. I also used to think that about Wellfleet and a number of other places like Polperro in Cornwall in England.

I guess Iíve been happiest going back to favorite places and then finding new favorite places.

Iíve often planned to do more than one angle on a drawing. This is one of the few times it panned out. I remember thinking that the whole exercise would be pointless if I got to the other side only to find the boat gone. I remember doing the other angle as soon as I finished the boat in this one. It really struck me funny that it took a half hour of driving to get from one angle to the other.

This area was a treasure trove of dead boats. I should have taken more pictures but I like walking up to them to see if something is really the way it looks from a distance. The example here is the crazy way the cabin has collapsed.

This drawing has always looked wrong to me. Maybe itís the reflections or the ramp. It looks like itís in a desert. A lot of these shacks had swordfish tails nailed to the outside. Maybe I should have added some.

There are beautiful, multicolored clay cliffs at Gay Head. There is a lighthouse here and a bunch of shops. I did this drawing from the parking lot. I love this house but I wonder how annoying it gets to have the tourist parking lot just up the hill and out the back window. I hope the sound of the surf masks the noise of the tourists.

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