More Early Drawings

Text Box: All of these drawings were done before I did the whole St. Jean de Luz scene and they made me more comfortable drawing boats. The first two were done on the same trip but before we went to St. Jean. I used a much thicker pen in those days but I still like the results. The others were done a couple of years earlier as fairly quick sketches. Iíve often tried to carry sketch books and pens to dash off quick drawings in this style but I donít do it as much as I would like.Text Box: The two drawings above were done in England, before we moved on to France and St. Jean de Luz. We liked going to both countries but chose to start in England and then go to France because we felt that the food got better when we moved in that direction, rather than ending up in England. We always had something to look forward to.Text Box: These are two of my favorite signs of all time. I donít have a clear understanding of what a gwelva is but Iím going to try not to cycle around one. The gwelva sign was in Marazion, which is the market town on the coast of Cornwall, in England that is the gateway to St. Michaelís Mount. The top sign was also on the coast of Cornwall but I donít remember the town. It seemed to me that it should have read No Swimming.

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I remember Fowey as a small town that I would like to spend more time in. Brixham, in my memory was larger but had a beautiful waterfront. I think itís probably time for another visit.