These are the first wrecked boats I ever came across. I think they are almost mystical. You wonder where they sailed and what brought them to where they are. I thought that these were probably run aground by the occupying Naziís during World War II. I imagined them smuggling Allied spies into Nazi Europe and bringing downed aircrews back to England. The chances are probably better that they were just worn out fishing boats that were dumped where I found them. In any case I think theyíre fascinating.

More Beached Boats

Amy was almost three when we rented a house in Etel, on the Brittany coast of France. We were in the bottom two floors of a neat house. The top floors were locked and empty. The house was odd in that it had a blank wall on the road side and a big staircase on the back side, which ended in stairs down to the water. The neighbors on either side were fishermenís families. I think they mostly fished for Tuna, Thon in French. The two girls were named Sylvie and Katrie and lived in the house to our right and even though they didnít speak the same language they and Amy became friends. It was amazing to see that kids are kids whether they can communicate verbally with each other or not.

These three derelict boats were sitting on the shore at Duck Creek in Wellfleet on Cape Cod. The creek is tidal so I would walk around the foot or so of soggy shore left when the tide was in. I noticed a pear tree one day on the walk. The fruit was just falling to the ground so I started taking a few little pears back with me each time I went out to draw. When we go back I like to take a walk around and see how the boats have weathered. I was surprised to notice that while the two in front had lost boards and collapsed a little more, the hulk in the back just wasnít there. A little later I realized it had been floated over to Town Pier where it had been tied up and was being used as an oyster shucking platform. Iím glad the other boats in poorer shape were just left alone. I guess the wood wasnít suitable for burning. Hereís another example of me planning to add shadows in the grass when the drawing was done and then deciding that I didnít want to screw it up. Now I might scan the original, print it on water color paper and try filling in the shadows using a photograph for reference.

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