Dolwen, Aberporth, Wales  May 1979


This is “Dolwen”, a house in Aberporth on the coast of Wales a little north of Cardigan. We rented this house twice; once when our daughter, Amy, was very little and once when she was six. On our first morning there I opened the front door to find two pint bottles of milk that had not been there the night before when I, New Yorker that I am, locked and checked all the doors. For the entire two weeks of our stay two bottles of this incredible milk, with the cream separated on top, appeared every morning. The day before we left I had to drive around searching for the dairy to pay for the milk. I still don’t know who ordered it, perhaps the property owners, but we never met them on that trip. There was no milk when we came back four or five years later.


The weather was beautiful for our first visit but it rained every day on the second. It rained so much that I had to do this drawing from a bus shelter in the middle of the double-horseshoe beach. One day we noticed a zodiac towing a gigantic wooden bullseye out to sea, it was actually the first time I had ever seen that type of rigid inflatable boat. It turned out that there was an English missile base just up the coast and this thing must have actually been for target practice. Although we never heard or saw anything.


The little outbuilding was called the donkey shed because it had once housed donkeys. Amy loved to play on the glassed in porch. There was a low window that she would sit in between the porch and the dining room. The first time we rented this house it cost the princely sum of 50 dollars per week for the first floor

This is from the first time we rented Dolwen, in the Fall of 1975. Amy was about 14 months old. It doesn’t look it in this picture but Amy and Gerry actually got in the water. It has to be pretty warm for me to get in the water.

Here’s Gerry on a warmer day

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