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Text Box: The paper Iíve been using comes in 24 x 30 inch sheets which I have to cut by hand down to 12 x 15 inches to fit my printer. I then print both sides of each sheet with the drawing on one side and the message on the other. Since the paper is quite heavy each sheet has to be coaxed through the printer. I then have to cut each card out. This year I got four cards from each of these sheets of paper.  

So each printed card is really hand made.
Text Box: Even though I love pen & ink with itís stark clean look Iíve also always wanted to see my drawings in color. I have sets of watercolors in all forms that Iíve bought over the years to color my drawings. Iíve given up every time but one. Something always goes wrong when I used actual paint. I usually spend a huge amount of time mixing colors so that they are just right only to end up with a color that is just wrong. Someone once told me that my problem was I wanted to draw every pebble in the street. Imagine how hard I tried to match all the different shades of green of the leaves of a tree.

My salvation has been being able to color using the computer. I can change colors endlessly, lighten or darken elements, and get exactly the end result that pleases me.

Other than color the only change I made to the original drawing was moving the little tree on the left side and filling in the grass at the bottom.

†2012 holiday stamp. It includes our grandchildren Scott, Judy, and Hazel

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Happy Holidays 2012