Antique Shop, Wellfleet 1991


Even though the sign says antiques the structure was no longer an antique shop. When we rented here this shed was being used to house baby chicks. The apartment we were in was in the ďnewĒ wing, having been built a few years after the other wing in the 1800ís. We were told that the house had belonged to a shipís captain at a time when the water came up to the bottom of the hill behind the house. Prior to raising chickens the owner had tried selling antiques and then vegetables. There was still a small corner of the field at the bottom of the hill that had a few unpicked berries, beans and potatoes and the owner told us that we were welcome to harvest anything that we wanted to. That was all Adam had to hear. He spent hours rooting around in the dirt with his hands until he would finally come back up to the house with a handful of his harvest.


I was very interested in framing this drawing with trees but I still donít know if Iím happy with the effect of the leaves at the top. I like the rest of the drawing, though.


The previous summer we had rented a place that was a half hour walk from town and we had promised Amy that we would actually rent a place in town and this was it. This might have been on the water when the shipsí captain lived there but it was far away from it when we were in residence. It was a furiously hot couple of weeks with almost no breeze and it wasnít until almost our last night here that I discovered a fan in the back of a closet.† When I sheepishly plugged it in it turned out to be so noisy that we didnít use it.

Close Ups


This is the reason I gave Adam the original. Iím sorry that I canít find his version of the drawing. I like the carry over of the bricks from the drawing to the photo.

Adam with a harvest of radishes

Thatís Hazel on the left at six weeks and Katie McCulloch on the right at ten weeks.† They are cousins and are named after their great great grand aunt (Hazel) and† great grandmother (Kathleen).† Amy and Patricia have always been close cousins and are now both moms.




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