Commercial Street, Wellfleet, in Color

Welcome to Chapter 70 of my online coffee table book. It chronicles another July 4th visit to Wellfleet and the latest in my quest to add color to my favorite drawings.


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All material copyright 2013 Neil Borrell

I drew the black and white version of this in 1989. The next time I saw this scene the boat had been broken up and removed. These derelict fishing boats were once all over the shoreline in Wellfleet, majestically rotting away. I thought they added to the beauty of the area but most are gone. The gallery/studio was a cooperative of local artists but, at least, it is still an artist’s studio and gallery. The left side of the rickety building was a kite shop where Adam and I went to get him a new kite each visit. He was interested in a kite-string winder and the proprietor would inevitably tell us that they were expected in; “about two weeks”. It took me a long time to realize that most people stay for two weeks so they were never really coming.


I’ve been working on this color version for months and I think I’ve gotten it the way I want it.


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