Golden Cod Gallery 2012

Welcome to Chapter 65 of my online coffee table book. It chronicles another Independence Day visit to Wellfleet.



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One day in 1992 when I was working on a drawing of Uncle Timís Bridge in Wellfleet a woman stopped and admired the drawing. She introduced herself and suggested that my style might lend itself to a drawing of the Historical Society which is housed in an old building on Main Street. This was how I met Joan Hopkins Coughlin.


Joan and her husband, Jack Coughlin, own the Golden Cod Gallery in Wellfleet where they display and sell their wonderful art. Iím honored that they both say nice things about my work.


The end result of all this is that the Historical Society offers tee shirts, tote bags, baseball caps, umbrellas, and other items with my drawing on them.


This year Joan suggested that I might like to do a panorama. Iíve only started on it. The Golden Cod Gallery on Commercial Street is as far as Iíve gotten. I put it inside the window and I think Iíll extend the panorama another time.


Pictures of Wellfleet and Truro

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