Paris Street Scene Redact, 2012

Welcome to Chapter 64 of neilink.


A lot of things have happened recently. The most important being the birth of our grandson Scott William Borrell. Our son Adam and his wife Tanna are now the proud and excellent parents of Judy and Scott.


The art related event concerns my living room.


Neil Borrell   

I’ve always liked to hang large versions of my work over the fireplace. Recently it’s been a 42” high by 33” wide version of last year’s Christmas card. The card was a result of adding color to two of my favorite drawings, making one of them narrower, and then placing one over the other. I was extremely happy with the result and the response was really positive.


I don’t like to leave any open space on my walls so I decided to try to fill up the entire space above the fireplace.


I went back to the work I did for the Holiday card and redid the background, using the entire background drawing this time instead of a shortened version. I’m really happy with the result and


A wonderful artist named Miriam Svet once suggested that my work reminded her of Michel Delacroix. I was, of course, flattered at the time but she helped me avoid a problem that has always plagued me when I’ve tried to add color to my drawings. I have always tried to exactly reproduce the colors that exist but there are so many shadings and subtle differences that I’ve found that I’ve spent so much time on the colors that I have lost interest in the project. Being able to use Delacroix’s color choices as a base for mine made this whole project possible. Miriam was an amazingly talented painter and the wife of Dore Schary. Dore ran RKO Pictures and MGM as well as being an Oscar and Tony award winner.


When I was trying to come up with this month’s title I wasn’t sure if I was using the word redact correctly. It turns out that one meaning is; “a form of editing in which multiple sources are combined” so I guess the title applies.

All material copyright 2012 Neil Borrell

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