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I actually did this drawing fairly early in the summer of 2004 but it makes me feel like the season is ending. I remember adding the bunny as an homage to Adam. He was the first of us to notice how many rabbits there are and was very proud to take the first photo of one when he was about eight.

The dilapidated railroad bridge is a picturesque reminder of a previous time. Iíll bet it was noisy and smelly when the trains rumbled through, as opposed to the quiet of today. There is a brownstone next to my apartment house that belonged to George Gershwin at one time. Most of my windows face this building across an alley. I used to wonder what it might have been like to be in this apartment in those days until I realized that I would probably be the one yelling across the alley in the middle of the night complaining about the incessant piano playing.


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Wellfleet End of Another Summer

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