Lillian C† Wellfleet† June, 1977

Text Box: This drawing was done on our second or third visit to Wellfleet on Cape Cod. Iíve been accused of trying to include every pebble and feature in my drawings. I think Iím much better at editing now but the original version of this always seemed too much even to me. The fishing boat also seemed to be drawn in weird perspective. 

I still think there are probably too many lines especially in the water but Iíve lightened it, foreground more than background, and straightened out the boat. 

In the past I thought that there was something wrong or untrue with changing a drawing like this but Iíve come to the realization that itís always just me working on my own drawings.

The original is below.

All material copyright 2011 Neil Borrell

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Text Box: Welcome to Chapter 58 of neilink.  

Last monthís chapter featured a drawing that I never really liked until I made some repairs. I couldnít have fixed that drawing when I drew it but I can now.

This monthís drawing is another one that I think Iíve rescued.

Neil Borrell