Arc de Triomphe† Paris† October, 1974

Text Box: I included this drawing in its original form as part of the backstory of Chapter 5. Iíve always liked its free feeling but I didnít like the fact that it was tilted to the right, so Iíve repaired it.

This was our first trip to Europe after Amy was born. She was fifteen months old and we brought a ton of things for her. We brought two suitcases for her and one for the two of us. I remember having to send half of the Pampers back with my parents at the airport. 

I usually remember exactly where I was sitting or standing for each drawing but Iím not sure about this one. I think it was from an outdoor cafť table but the angle looks like that couldnít be. In any case I like the freeness and openness it makes me feel. I wasnít as deliberate with my lines then, maybe partly because Gerry was walking around with little Amy in a kind of harness.

The original is below. You can see the tilt which always ruined it for me. Iím very careful with up and down now. Thereís nothing wrong with tilting stuff but you have to want to.

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