Wellfleet, Window on Duck Creek

Text Box: This drawing is from one of a group of cottages in Wellfleet Massachusetts that were known as the Lemon Pie Cottages. They were moved here from Yarmouth and, since they had high peaked roofs were given the name. They don’t look like pie slices any longer but we’ve enjoyed renting one or another since Amy was about 2. The cottages are on a tiny peninsula in Duck Creek. Some of the cottages face the Town Pier and some face Commercial Street. Since we’ve rented almost all of these cottages at one time or another we feel pretty strongly that whichever one we’re in has a spectacular view. 

This month’s illustration is actually the inside of a cottage that faces Town Pier placed over the view from one that faces Duck Creek. In the background is what’s left of a railroad bridge that carried the Old Colony Railroad from Boston to Provincetown. It might have been picturesque when the steam railroad was running but I’ll bet it wasn’t as peaceful as it is now.

I’m fascinated with putting parts of drawings together as long as they look like they belong together. I think this one works pretty well.

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