Work in Progress† Silver Moon Bakery†† 2010

Text Box: The majority of my drawings have been done while Iíve been on vacation. Thereís a limited amount of time and Iím under the deadline of the end of the time in a place. Almost every time Iíve started a drawing at home Iíve abandoned it. Things have gotten busy or Iíve been focused on work or some other problem has taken precedence. There has always been the fact that I need to get some distance from the subject. 
It seems to have taken me almost five years of retirement from television to realize that, to some degree, Iím now always on vacation. Last monthís chapter was the first fruit of that simple realization. I got out my drawing chair and assigned myself a couple of hours each day to draw. 
After that one was finished I found two other possibilities and this is the start of one of them. I found a location on one of the islands in the middle of Broadway and have been going out at the same time of day when the weather allows and there arenít too many people on the benches next to where Iím planting my chair. Weíll see how this goes.

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Close Ups

Iíve always found it hard to draw when Iím not on vacation. Itís taken me almost 5 years to realize that I can consider myself on vacation all the time. Hereís Chapter 51 in progress.