Firemenís Memorial, Riverside Park 2010

Text Box: Iíve been wanting to do this drawing for years but Iíve always had a tough time starting drawings at home. If we are on vacation somewhere thereís a deadline and I know I have a limited amount of time. Iím finally working on getting into a deadline mindset when Iím not on vacation.
The Firemenís Memorial has been in Riverside Park since 1913 even though it was originally supposed to be at the north side of Union Square. Itís on a hill at 100th Street and Riverside Drive with a great view of Riverside Park and the Hudson River.
If Adam was off from school and I was working on the evening news we would often have lunch on one of the marble benches before I went to work.  
Immediately after 9/11 people started placing flowers, candles, paintings, notes, and all sorts of memorabilia in honor of the firemen who died in the twin towers. It was very moving to see.
Part of Riverside Drive is closed every year for a memorial ceremony to honor all fallen firemen. We can hear the bagpipes from our apartment.

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