Captiva Island, 1984

Text Box: We spent some wonderful Spring vacations on Captiva Island. Captiva is in the Gulf of Mexico off Fort Myers, Florida. Gerry found us a rental that was directly on the beach and we really wanted to go back every Spring. We never had any trouble taking Amy out of school for a week when she was in the lower grades. She even did a report on Thomas Edison while we were there. He had a Winter home complete with a bamboo forest in Fort Myers which provided a basis for her report. They used bamboo as a filament for one of the early light bulb versions. Amy wasn’t impressed but I thought it was pretty interesting. 
I think it was after this trip that Amy stated that she couldn’t continue missing school for this type of thing so we settled into the more acceptable Summer vacation period. 
I had done a drawing of this stump a few years earlier after giving up trying to find anything with the character of my usual subject. At that time it was between the stump and a beach bar called The Mucky Duck. The drawing turned out to be one of my favorites so I tried the other side. Below is the first version, which I still prefer.

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