Nantucket On The Water 1975

Text Box: We rented a cottage in Nantucket on Old North Wharf in early summer of 1975. One of the things we liked best was that it was obvious that the season hadnít really started yet so we had the place to ourselves. I have only an idea of what July and August must be like but this was the last week in May and the first in June and the weather was good so we were happy. It did get crowded when the passenger ferries arrived from the Cape but we felt very special being all alone on the wharf.

These two cottages were on a wooden walkway extending out past the end of the wharf. They seemed like they were out in the middle of nowhere even though they werenít really very far out. Iíve found a more current photo on line which shows that the cottages have been expanded and the walkway extends past them now. I think I prefer them being at the end.

Even then I had drawn a lot of shingled buildings and whenever I start one I think; ďOh no, not another one of theseĒ but when I get a little way in and become invested in the drawing I realize that I like them all and they really are different from one another.

The ferry ride to Nantucket seemed like it would be really a lot with Amy so we flew. I love flying into little airports like this where you just get off the plane, hop in a taxi and arrive at your destination quickly.

My mother came up for a visit while we were here and I rented a car to explore the island. We drove out to Siasconset, which is at the other end of the island, and back. I think thatís the shortest rental Iíve ever done. I brought the car back three hours after I picked it up. I wouldnít mind a convertible on Nantucket but I just didnít like being cooped up in the rental car. We rented bikes after that but thatís a story from the previous chapter.

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