Nantucket Fishermanís Shanty† 1975

Text Box: We rented a tiny cottage on Old North Wharf in Nantucket for two weeks in the early Summer of 1975. If you do an Internet search of Nantucket pictures the one image that always comes up shows three beautiful houses on Old North Wharf. Our cottage was on one side of the three perfect houses and this structure was on the other. We havenít been back to Nantucket since but Iíve seen some photos of a building thatís still standing that probably is this one. The ďPerfect StormĒ of 1992 changed the landscape somewhat.

Iím pretty much self taught and I think those two weeks were like moving from high school to college for me. I started out putting too many lines in my drawings and ended up with fewer lines and better drawings. 

We would have gone back to that cottage but I donít think it was available again whenever we checked. We also decided that while Nantucket is wonderful Cape Cod is our destination of choice.

The cottage had a boatís quarterboard over the front door. Iíve recently found an article with a reference to this cottage, ďMary F. SladeĒ. The Slade was a shipping bark built in 1848 which sailed out of Boston. The article also mentions the shipwreck of a boat of the same name off Cape Mendocino, California in 1859. Thatís all I could find.

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