Wellfleet Elaine S. 2002

Text Box: This old fishing boat sat on chocks on Wellfleet Town Pier for years. It was located just past the showers on the pier. It always seems funny to me that people will dock their vastly expensive boats at a mooring and then take a shower in a less than glamorous pier facility.

Wellfleet Town Pier was renovated recently and the old boat was removed. Iíve heard a number of stories about its origin, including one where it just appeared one day. I might be the only person who loved seeing it sitting there on the pier. 

I think towns like this should acquire old wooden boats, remove all the bad stuff like engines and gas tanks, and set them out on the beaches to beautify the view and weather. I guess the fact that there are a lot of iron nails doesnít further my case.

I wish I had photographed every derelict boat Iíve ever seen before they were gone.

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