Wellfleet Macís Shack 2009

Text Box: According to the Wellfleet Historical Society there have been four businesses in this building over the years. They have been Horton & Gillís Grocery, Ye Olde Helpee Selfee Laundree, The Lobster Hutt, and now Macís Shack. I donít know about the grocery and laundry but Macís Shack is light years better than the previous restaurant. 

Believe it or not the Helpee Selfee Laundree appears to have been a franchise. I found a listing for one that still does business in Albion, NY.

There are the posts from an old railroad bridge at one end of the spit of land that the building stands on. The other end becomes Railroad Avenue so I always assumed that this building had been part of the Cape Cod Railroad station.

This drawing is updated from one I did of the previous restaurant in 1991. The tale of that version can be found in the backstory of Chapter 16.

I sat in the same spot and drew the changed parts that I planned to include in the new version. I decided to leave the old boat in the background. Itís long gone but still a favorite of mine.

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Close Ups

We were in Wellfleet for the July 4th festivities. They have the greatest small-town parade and Hazel loved it. She was initially frightened by the siren from the fire engine that leads the parade and we werenít sure if she would be okay but when the fire truck and ambulances finally passed she got into the swing. The people on the floats throw candy and trinkets to the kids watching so she liked that.


A few days later we heard a siren in the distance. Hazel said; ďCandy!Ē