Wellfleet Screen Door

Text Box: One thing I always look forward to when weíre going on vacation is having a view. We have always gravitated towards islands and peninsulas where there is a lot of water and some form of commercial fishing. I think that gives a place character. Iím always disappointed when our view is just other cottages. This specific scene is actually impossible but itís close enough to make me happy with it. I got interested in this type of drawing a long time ago. 

I realized fairly soon that I had to use two viewpoints. Normally I would put as much detail as possible into a drawing but the inside of a cottage isnít what brings me to it. If weíve found the kind of place we like weíre always looking through the windows. With this in mind I try to keep the interior simple and save the detail for the view.

Iíve often done parts of a lot of drawings from different vantage points so it doesnít bother me at all that this scene is actually made up of two different drawings.

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