Wellfleet Harbor Cottages

Text Box: Here is another drawing from a group of cottages that we’ve been renting in since Amy was two. Now Amy’s daughter Hazel is going to be three and we’re still going back. 

There have been cottages on this site since the mid 19th Century. The original ones were brought from Yarmouth in that New England tradition of moving houses all over the place. They had steep roofs and were painted yellow so they were known as the “Lemon Pie Cottages”. 

We started renting here when Amy was two. One person owned all of them and they were known as “Indian Harbor”. They each had the same furniture; green naugahyde couch, lumpy mattresses, rickety picnic table. I once found an old rudder under the sand and cut it in half with one of the cheap steak knives so I could get it in the trunk of my little Fiat 124 Spyder. 

They became condos in the late 80’s and have all been renovated completely. The owners have done amazing things with the upgrades to these cottages, in some cases a little too amazing. We rented the one on the right in the summer of 1998.

All in all we love going back to these places and feel bad if we don’t get back every Summer. When Amy was about sixteen she referred to them as “our place”; that was good enough for me.

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Close Ups

Since Amy’s birthday is in July we often celebrated it on the Cape. I forgot that I removed the trellis in the drawing.

Here’s the rudder. I think I did a great job cutting it in half with just a cheap serrated steak knife.