Self Portraits

Text Box: I have always loved New Yorker cartoons. When I was a teenager I would buy the magazine every week and read it on the subway going to high school. The Chapter 13 backstory at tells my New Yorker saga. The saga ends with my finally selling them a drawing only to find out two years later that it wasnít the drawing I thought I sold them and my signature was way too small to read.

I have a sketch book from the sixties which includes the drawings below done mostly as studies from New Yorker cartoons. There are, however, a few original sketches which are self portraits. Iíve pulled out the ones that Iím sure are of me and a few that are probably self portraits. Thereís one that looks like my father but I donít remember specifically drawing him.

This was an attempt at learning how to draw people from life. I donít think that, at that time, I had enough confidence to ask someone to sit for me. 

When I directed TV news I would attend the afternoon news meeting every day. Since I was on the production side I found these editorial meetings could be tedious. For a couple of years I passed the time doodling sketches on the preliminary rundown. Sometimes scenes but sometimes the faces of the other people at the meeting. They were pretty good and I donít know why I didnít save any of them.

These drawings are from the old sketchbook.

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