Text Box: Paley Park, 2004
Iíve been a fan of Paley Park since it was built in 1967, even though I forget that itís there for years at a time. Itís a vest pocket park on 53rd Street in Manhattan, on the site of the old Stork Club. Thereís a waterfall at the back which masks the sounds of the city.
I had the thought of doing a series of drawings of interesting looking things that were above the first story of buildings in Manhattan. I was going to call the series; New York, Looking Up. I got as far as taking some photographs before I remembered that I really prefer sitting in the actual place where Iím doing the drawing. I was taking photographs because itís usually impossible to sit in the actual place that the drawing is in. I have a great folding stool but it just doesnít work to plop it down in the city.
Iíve done drawings in Paris leaning against walls and buildings so Iím sure that my problem with drawing in New York is more than just that. I think that when weíre on vacation thereís a much smaller list of things that need doing and a much simpler schedule. Since we started sending a holiday card with a new drawing each year Iíve felt the need to supply drawings. The wedding invitations have been great reasons to draw. I need to find a convincing reason to draw in Manhattan.
I rediscovered Paley Park one afternoon in June, 2004 after Gerry and I had had lunch together on the East Side. She had gone back to work and I was heading to work. I had some time to spare so I sat down in the park. I finally had a subject and a place to sit without a street full of trucks and a sidewalk full of people.
This is the only drawing in the book. Iíve tried this kind of thing in the past but never continued it for long. I think I first carried around a small sketchbook in Paris in the early 80ís. I have no idea where that one is. I hope it shows up like this one did.
I havenít used a point this thick in a long time. I went back to a thinner point after this.

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