Text Box: Main Street Wellfleet, 1994

The town of Wellfleet publishes a visitors guide every year. Every year the cover art is different but itís always a painting or drawing of a local scene. Iíve often wanted to have a drawing used for the cover but have never submitted anything. In 1994 I decided to do a drawing that I would later color and submit for the cover of the guide. I did the drawing but I never colored it. This is what always happens when I plan to spend the winter coloring a drawing Iíve done the summer before. 

Sometimes Iíll take reference photos to get the colors right. It doesnít really matter. The fact of the matter is that Iím a person who works in black and white who sometimes uses color. I really like black and white so I find reasons to avoid doing the colorizing.

The window of opportunity for this drawing to be on the cover of the visitors guide has passed. Abiyoyo has moved across the street to larger quarters and a different shop is in the space. The Lighthouse is for sale although I canít imagine the new owners changing the name.

I had sold t-shirts to Abiyoyo the previous summer. I donít remember what they really had hanging in the front window but I drew my t-shirts there. The only problem with my t-shirt venture was that they wanted colored art on fabric dyed shirts. In those days it would have cost more to have the shirts printed than I could have sold them to the store for. My drawings actually work very well on t-shirts exactly as I do them. They look nicest on white or slightly off white shirts but I donít like them on colored shirts and I donít work in color much so our business relationship only lasted the one season. 

I supply the Wellfleet Historical Society with t-shirts that I am extremely proud of, as well as printed baseball caps, and I love the way the black and white drawing looks. Maybe I will try the world of color again someday.

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Summer 1994