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When Amy and David asked me to do their invitations I spent a long time trying to find the perfect symbol. Their baby, Hazel, is such an important part of all of our lives that I knew I wanted to include her in the graphics somehow.

My search ended when I found that there is Turkish Filbert tree in Central Park. Filbert trees produce hazelnuts. The tree was described as being at the Conservatory Water at East 75th Street. This is the ornamental cement lake that is known for the model sailboats.

We went to find the tree on a Saturday in October and it took awhile. I finally spotted it about two blocks north of the pond.

I took pictures of the tree, displayed my favorite on a large screen TV, and drew the original from that. I often want to try color but am afraid Iíll ruin the original drawing but Iíve found a  solution. I printed the original black and white drawing on watercolor paper and then did a watercolor wash over the print. In that way I can just discard any bad versions. Iíve tried using digital painting programs but I really like to use a real brush.

Davidís sister, Laura and Amyís friend Kate asked me if I could do a version of the Hazel Tree for bridal shower invitations so I added a swing with Amy and David carved into the back. 

We were all so taken with the tree that I just made every wedding related thing I could think of incorporating it. Of course there were the expected Save the Date, Invitation, and Replies but I also did a Hazel Tree stamp on the invitation envelope, kraft paper seals for the invitation and the favors, tags for the favors, programs, menus, table number cards, imprinted balloons, roadside signs, a large Hazel Tree flag, tote bags, thank you cards, magnetic logos for the coupleís car, etc. etc.

To see wedding photos please click on these links or cut and paste into a browser.

These are pictures from the wedding and more.

These were taken by my niece Ryan Palmer. Ryanís mom Becky made the incredible wedding cake.
These were taken by Nick Donohue. Nickís wife, Heather made the fantastic cake topper.

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Hazel Tree with swing

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