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Text Box: Amyís Merry Go Round, Paris, 1976

When Amy was almost three we spent a week in Paris as part of a longer trip. I certainly miss those days of really cheap European vacations. We were in a hotel on the Right Bank for a change. We generally favor the Left Bank.
There was a castle here at one time but now the Tuileries is an extension of the Champs Elysee from Place de la Concorde to The Louvre. It had been an empty park on previous trips but this time most of it was full of activity. 

There were two restaurants in huge tents on either side of the Concorde entrance. Beyond the restaurants there was a little of the usual park space but then there were rides all the way to The Louvre. 

On one side there were carousels. A few of them were very large and some were two stories. One of the two storied carousels had sofas on the upper level. There was one small old carousel that was pushed around by hand. 

The carousel in the drawing was Amyís favorite. It was at the very end, nearest to The Louvre. This was long before the pyramid entrance was added. Amy especially liked riding in a little sports car which must have been on the other side because itís not in the drawing.

The other side of the park was more like an American carnival with modern rides. Amy liked riding a little bus that she could pretend to steer. She especially liked a spaceship that she could make go up or down. She didnít smile on the spaceship but took on a kind of haughty look, like she was surveying her property.

Iíve always been really pleased with the detail in the drawing of the statues and planters among the trees. I  think this was the drawing that made me finally change to thinner points so that details wouldnít disappear.

When I decided to use the carousel as a logo I went to Jerry Miller who was the one-man art department at Channel 9 and had an incredible eye for layout. Jerry had studied art in Paris.
He thought the carousel was missing something and suggested I add the flag.

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Amy at the Eiffel Tower

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