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Text Box: Summer Cottage, Cape Cod  1998

This is cottage #1 at Wellfleet Harbor Condos where we have been renting one cottage or another since Amy was two years old. The town usually does a nice fireworks display and the view from this porch is excellent. Wellfleet has a neat small town parade in the morning which winds up the road next to this place and after the parade this year we had gone to the beach at Duck Harbor.

We were just heading back to our car when we heard a lout ďthumpĒ. As we drove back along the coast into town it became clear what the thump was from. The fireworks had ignited and exploded while the crew was unloading the truck. Luckily they had run for cover and no one was hurt. When we got back to the cottage we had an excellent view of a lot of grey smoke from which a colored firework would emerge every now and then. 

We had invited friends to join us for the show but there was nothing to see but Boston news crews after an hour or so. 

This drawing took a long time to start. I love the Adirondack chairs but I had to decide to go through the torture of continuing the drawing in the tiny little spaces between slats of the chairs. Iím always happy to have done this but only after itís done.

Iíve always thought this cottage was laid out backwards. Through the door is a dark little hallway and then the living room. To the right is the kitchen which has just a small window on the side. Of course the kitchen should be where the dark hallway is so it would have a view.

This was the first of a series of drawings with Adirondack chairs. The others are in this monthís ďmoreĒ page.

On an earlier stay in this cottage Adam found these snails in the grass after a day of rain. Since we werenít in France they were returned to the grass.

This one and the umbrellas are my favorites

The unfortunate daytime fireworks display.

We watched this lighthouse in Truro get moved a couple of hundred feet on soaped rails a few years earlier.

One of the first times we didnít travel to the Cape all together. Adam drove in from Pittsburgh on bald tires and Amy took a bus up from New York. They stayed for a few days and got new tires on the way back in a terrible rainstorm.

The official Camp Papa photo commemorating the first session of the day camp of the same name. The camp shirts ensure that the campers and counselors stay together. Camp Papa is in session for 4 days in 2007. Hazel is now 10 months old.

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