The menu was designed to fold up so that the coupleís name remained visible when

†the menu was opened, as did the invitation. Since the reception was outdoors the menus were held down with polished rocks.

Invitation and reply cards with address-printed envelopes. The invitation envelope included a printed hazel stamp beside the actual postage stamp.



This is the Hazel Tree. Amy and Davidís baby, and my wonderful granddaughter, is† Hazel Margaret Berner. I found this tree in Central Park in New York City. Itís a Turkish Filbert and produces hazelnuts.

Folded (above) and opened (below)

Gift jars of blueberry jam were tagged with the guests name and table number and placed on a table at the foot of the hill leading to the tent.

A Hazel Tree flag marked the start of the path to the wedding site.

Signs with Hazel Tree balloons were placed at intersections leading to the wedding site, a beautiful farm in upstate New York.

A magnetic Hazel Tree for each door

†Thank You cards

A swing with the coupleís names carved in was added for bridal shower invitations

†The Berners

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